What is Epilepsy?
What is Epilepsy?

Being diagnosed with epilepsy means that you have had more than one epileptic seizure (sometimes referred to as ‘a fit’) and may well have more epileptic seizures in the future.

An epileptic seizure occurs when there is a burst of sudden electrical activity in the brain.

There are many different types of seizure, triggers for seizures, causes of epilepsy, treatments for epilepsy and epilepsy diagnosis.

Epilepsy may be diagnosed as a stand alone condition or may be part of another condition.

Some patients seizures are very well controlled on medication, whereas other patients may never have a good level of seizure control.

Epilepsy is a very individual condition and each and every patient should always seek medical advice from their own team of physicians before embarking on a new form of treatment.

Epilepsy affects around 600,000 people in the UK, that equates to 1 in every 103 people.

Epilepsy knows no boundaries and can affect anyone regardless of age or gender.

Epilepsy Lifestyle does not administer advice or information relating to epilepsy or specific diagnosis. We make links with established organisations and refer patients and families on where appropriate.

To find out more information about epilepsy please visit the links below to some UK epilepsy organisations: