The #poundforpound challenge – Share your ‘Selfie with the Queen’ to win a prize and raise money for Epilepsy Lifestyle

The #poundforpound challenge – Share your ‘Selfie with the Queen’ to win a prize and raise money for Epilepsy Lifestyle

Did you know that from 15 October you will no longer be able to use the old style pound coin in shops restaurants and other businesses? But fear not, we can make use of your old pounds by depositing or exchanging them at the bank and using your old pounds to purchase potentially life saving monitoring equipment for children and adults diagnosed with epilepsy.

So here’s your challenge………when you find an old style pound coin, take your selfie with the Queen and either post it on our Facebook page or email it over to us. Once you’ve done that pop your pound coin in the post to us. It really couldn’t be easier!

You could send us just the one pound coin, or you could see how many you come across – just don’t forget that selfie! Perhaps you’re off on holiday? Could your ‘Selfie with the Queen’ be our most travelled pound? Involve the kids, we’re looking for fun, wacky and downright hilarious – just don’t forget to post that pound to us!

The Trustees will choose a winner of the ‘Selfie with the Queen’ competition by the end of November so there’s lots of time to get involved.

If we get 45 of your old pound coins we can buy one anti-suffocation pillow. If we get 100 pound coins that buys a digital video monitor. But why stop there, let’s set our sights high and aim big…..£327.50 buys an Emfit monitor and £800 buys an entire Pulse Oximeter package.

Trustees Ian and Marie


So here’s the steps to take:

  1. Root around in your purse, change dish, car, anywhere really and find those old pound coins.
  2. Take your ‘Selfie with the Queen’ and either post it on our  Facebook page here or email it to us by clicking here. Maybe think about tagging a friend and challenging them to do the same!
  3. Pop that pound in the post to us at PO Box 3204, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 9QT Keep looking for those pounds!
  4. You can enter as many times as you like and, as well as having some fun, you’ll also be raising money for Epilepsy Lifestyle. We’ve recently had to start a waiting list and we really dislike that! People who need epilepsy monitors need them NOW and that’s why we’re here. So go, have fun and help us help others.