Purple Day 2016 sees Epilepsy Lifestyle extend services nationally

Purple Day 2016 sees Epilepsy Lifestyle extend services nationally

It is 2 years to the day since we launched Epilepsy Lifestyle, the charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with epilepsy by providing solutions to the issues commonly facing those with an epilepsy diagnosis.

Our ‘Night Time Monitoring Programme’, which provides potentially life saving medical equipment, has been a huge success throughout Sussex and has become the main focus of the work conducted by us here at Epilepsy Lifestyle.

Following a hugely successful 2 years running the programme Epilepsy Lifestyle are delighted and extremely excited to be extending the programme nationally and are absolutely thrilled to introduce 10 year old Louis from Bromley as our first national beneficiary.

Epilepsy Lifestyle - Louis 1Louis’ mum, Dawn, contacted us requesting an Emfit monitor as Louis’ seizures had recently become worse at night and we were so happy to be able to step in. Louis was diagnosed with epilepsy and a severe speech disorder when he was 3 years old. After working with Louis’ medical team his seizures were brought under control and he became seizure free for 4 years between the ages of 6 and 10 years old. After such a positive period of seizure freedom the decision was made to start weaning Louis off his anti-epileptic medication and although the process started well, sadly Louis had a relapse and the seizures returned.

Despite all the battles in his life Louis is an extremely happy and sociable little boy who really loves going to his mainstream school where he attends a speech and language unit. Louis has an older sister Ella and enjoys swimming, riding his bike and playing on his Xbox and Wii. He also manages to squeeze time in for piano and tennis lessons.

We are so very happy to be able to grant Louis an Emfit Tonic/Clonic Monitor and truly hope this helps to give him, and his family, some peace of mind at bedtime.