Patient Support

Patient Support

Epilepsy can be a very isolating condition, whether your epilepsy is controlled through daily medication or whether you are caring for someone diagnosed with a form of epilepsy.

At Epilepsy Lifestyle we made the decision to focus primarily on practical support and not offer advice and information, as there are so many organisations in the UK that currently do this. We do, however, provide links to organisations throughout the UK that can offer advice and knowledge.
If you have an issue that is not addressed on this page through our listed links then please do contact us and the team at Epilepsy Lifestyle will endeavour to find an organisation that can offer your the information, knowledge and experience you need.

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General Epilepsy Information

Epilepsy Action
Provides information about coping with epilepsy and seizures.

Epilepsy Society 
Information about epilepsy from medical charity Epilepsy Society working towards a full life for everyone affected by epilepsy.

Epilepsy Research
Epilepsy Research UK supports and promotes basic and clinical scientific research into the causes, treatments and prevention of epilepsy; and is the only national charity in the UK that funds independent research exclusively into this condition.

Young Epilepsy
Better futures for young lives with epilepsy and associated conditions.

SUDEP Action
SUDEP Action cares for the bereaved and works with families and professionals to make change. Using research and awareness they strive to get the answers that will save lives.

Epilepsy Conditions & Treatments

Genetic Alliance UK

A national charity of 150 patient organisations, supporting all those affected by genetic conditions.


The only UK charity representing the needs of siblings of disabled people.

A UK charity set up to improve the lives of children with brain related conditions through research, education and directly supporting children and their carers.