Happy 1st Birthday Epilepsy Lifestyle

Happy 1st Birthday Epilepsy Lifestyle

Epilepsy Lifestyle is 1 year old and what an amazing year it has been. Launching a brand new charity is always a risk as there are so many charities out there doing fantastic work and it was important to us not to duplicate. That is why we are so incredibly proud to be the only UK charity that funds a whole range of epilepsy monitors for children and adults, regardless of what their epilepsy diagnosis is. We do not dictate what monitor they should have, instead we work with them to work out what type of monitoring system would work best for their personal circumstances.


We do not discriminate on age, diagnosis or financial situation and although our current emphasis is on East Sussex we anticipate broadening our geographical area in the near future.

Epilepsy Lifestyle works differently to other charities. We do not post constant updates on social networking, we do not expect our beneficiaries to fundraise for us and we will never focus all our efforts on fundraising campaigns. We do not shout about what we are doing, we put our heads down and work hard to secure funding so that no application coming to us needs to go on a waiting list.

We are still a very small, local charity but we are so proud that in our first year we were able to secure over £18,000 of funding. It is a gamble starting a new enterprise such as Epilepsy Lifestyle but because we have such a solid team, who understand the real need for the services we provide, we have proved that a new epilepsy charity, with a realistic and well researched ethos, can succeed.

Our team has a wealth of experience and this experience shines through in the fact that we have successfully secured funding for 26 local people with epilepsy to receive a night-time monitor, keeping them safer at night and potentially reducing the risk of SUDEP.

This is just the beginning for Epilepsy Lifestyle and what an exciting beginning it has been. We are so excited to keep doing what we do best, a small team working together to improve the lives of those affected by epilepsy.

Marie & the Epilepsy Lifestyle Team