Changes Ahead!

Changes Ahead!

Saturday 26 March sees Epilepsy Lifestyle’s third birthday!  Over the past three years we’ve really exceeded our expectations going from a tiny charity helping people in East Sussex, to expanding through to West Sussex and then expanding Nationally.  We remain a very small charity, with very small over heads and limited funds.  Therefore we have had to make a couple of changes to how we work.

The most important change is that to apply for one of our monitors applicants will now have to provide proof of entitlement to either Child Tax Credit or Income Support.  We still believe wholeheartedly in making the application process as easy as possible, which is why you won’t need to fill in any financial information – applicants will just need to send in a copy of their proof of entitlement along with the proof of diagnosis letter that we already require.

The reasoning behind this change is to ensure that our monitors are provided to the people who are in the most need.  Also, because our funds are restricted, without making this change we would have to implement a waiting list very soon.  A number of other charities are referring applicants on to us rather than funding equipment themselves so we have no choice but to streamline our application process.

The other changes concern the digital video monitor and Anti-Suffocation Pillow we provide.  After much thought and trialling we have agreed upon the ‘Motorola MBP36S’ Digital Video Monitor and the ‘Breathe-ZY Anti-Suffocation Pillow’.  As a team we were very impressed with the quality of both of these products and believe our beneficiaries will feel the same way.

Over the past three years we have provided potentially life saving equipment to 135 people living with epilepsy and we are incredibly proud to be entering our fourth year.