Epilepsy Lifestyle is delighted to be in a position to grant potentially life-saving monitors/sleeping solutions to children and adults with epilepsy across the United Kingdom. To know we are helping to keep people safer at night, with the potential of literally saving lives, is so rewarding and is why we continue to work hard obtaining grants and raising money to carry on with this invaluable programme.

Here’s how some of our monitors are helping.



Gorgeous Chloe is 12 years old and has recently become the latest beneficiary of one of our Digital Video Monitors. Chloe has 3 brothers, Josh, Ryan and Reece and loves cooking, listening to music and horseriding.

Chloe has epilepsy, ASD and speech and language difficulties and although she is a typical 12 year old in so many ways she says that since developing epilepsy she feels different to all her friends. Sadly Chloe has lost much of her confidence since her epilepsy began 2 years ago and her self-esteem has dropped. Chloe’s Mum, Heidi, is a fantastic advocate for Chloe and desperately wants her to gain her self confidence back and go back to being the ‘happy go lucky’ young lady she used to be before any medical issues took over.

We really hope that this monitor gives Chloe a bit of confidence during the night, knowing that her Mum is keeping a close eye on her and keeping her safe.



Ryan is almost 19 years old and has a diagnosis of Floating Harbor Syndrome. This little known genetic condition causes epilepsy, learning difficulties, short stature, some challenging behaviour and speech limitations. We were absolutely delighted when Ryan’s mum, Julie, got in touch to request an Emfit Epilepsy Monitor. So often young adults fall through the net with regards to services and particularly charitable applications as so many charities focus on under 18’s only.

Ryan attends Downs View Link College in Brighton and loves watching clips of his favourite Disney characters on his iPad. He enjoys swimming and going on walks with the dog and is a complete and utter ladies man who is loved by all for his cheeky personality.

We are so pleased that we have been able to help Ryan and his family in this small way and it’s thanks to the support of all the grant giving organisations that we were able to get Ryan’s monitor out to him within just a couple of weeks of receiving the application.



12 year old Tabitha is from Essex and has been diagnosed with Epilepsy, which displays as nocturnal generalised seizures. This means that night times are always a worry for Tabitha and her family.

Tabitha enjoys swimming, dancing and horse riding but her real 'claim to fame' is that she is a county level swimmer. She trains six times a week and competes in competitions almost every weekend.

It is so wonderful to see someone striving to reach their goals despite the challenges faced by their epilepsy and we were delighted when mum, Fiona, got in touch to request an Emfit Epilepsy Monitor for Tabitha.

We sincerely hope this monitor helps Tabitha's family identify her seizures, but that it also helps Tabitha feel a little more secure and comforted at night.



Mollie is 12 years old and was recently granted an Emfit Epilepsy Monitor. Mollie loves books and Music (Little Mix), spending time with her family and friends, as well as attending Trapdoor, her young drama group. A typical 12 year old little girl!!

Mollie’s Mum, Nicola, recently said ‘Mollie is a beautiful, happy, confident young lady who has benefited from the support of her Young Epilepsy Group and feels reassured herself with the additional support from Epilepsy Lifestyle and her bed monitor.

She has made lots of new friends and now has a better understanding of her condition and we are all grateful for the reassurance and support. We’re extremely happy with Mollie’s monitor and feel re-assured it’s there for extra protection and peace of mind whilst she’s asleep’.



Jude, from St Leonards-on-Sea, is 9 years old and was recently granted an Emfit Epilepsy Monitor from Epilepsy Lifestyle.

On receipt of the monitor Jude’s mum said ‘I just want to say how grateful I am, to the charity for funding the Epilepsy monitor. Jude’s Epilepsy changes all the time, but we believe the seizures are more frequent at night. Having the monitor helps us record when the seizure take place, a description of the seizure and the timings. But most of all, we are alerted at that crucial time, when Jude needs us. Jude feels happy he has the monitor, he knows I will be there when he needs me.

We hope to raise enough money next year, to pay back the charity, so they can fund another child like Jude, and reassure another family. Thank you Epilepsy Lifestyle’



Little Mia is just 1 year old and has a diagnosis of ‘Benign seizures of infancy’. A local Eastbourne family, Mum Joanne and Dad Danny heard about Epilepsy Lifestyle and applied to us for a digital video monitor for Mia. We were thrilled to be able to help and rushed through the paperwork to get the monitor out to Joanna and Danny as quickly as possible. At Epilepsy Lifestyle we understand that traditional ‘epilepsy monitors’ are not the right solution for everyone and this form of monitoring works perfectly for Mia and her family. Joanne and Danny are able to keep a watch on Mia at night, which gives them a tremendous amount of peace of mind, and they are no longer rushing into Mia’s room at every little sound and disturbing her.

It’s amazing the difference such a simple piece of equipment can make to one family.



Avid sports fan, Rhys, will be nine years old in March and has a diagnosis of Rolandic Epilepsy. Rhys, who lives in Middlesex, was recently granted an Emfit Epilepsy Monitor to help his family identify any nocturnal seizures.

Mum Kelly emailed us to say 'we are so truly greatful, this means such great peace of mind for us all and has given Rhys back some independence'.

At Epilepsy Lifestyle our aims is to help improve the lives of those with an epilepsy diagnosis and knowing this monitor is helping Rhys with his independence is just fantastic.